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Lawyers, meetings, and countless proposals, there's never any time to get the real work done. We're here to change that; to help investors and business people use new technology to simplify fundraising and give people time to focus on what’s important, business!

Who we are

We are a group of professional crypto ICO consultants offering a 360-degree solution dedicated to launching your ICO. With our technical expertise, we turn concepts into product/service. Our excellence in support helps us get people to invest in you.
Technology Solution

We understand your business requirement and offer insight into the technology that suits your needs. The problem definitions are proposed with solutions that include artefacts such as architectural design document, use cases, and proposed tech stack with alternatives.

Marketing Solution

With an in-depth knowledge of the crypto industry, we carry out aggressive marketing for you that is driven by data and fuelled by bots. Besides Exchange listings and negotiations, we manage your social media properties (Facebook, Twitter & Reddit) and target Blockchain community.

Legal Solution

We offer consultations on legal aspects by experienced future law leading attorneys. Reviewing and recommendations are provided on Token legal concept, White Paper and landing page. We create all legal documents, including Token Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.


We're focused on engineering ICOs to leverage Blockchain technology for a frictionless, global sale.
  • 1. Blockchain Technology

    Using the Blockchain technology to the best of your advantage

    • Smart Contract
    • Analysing Your Product/Service
    • Proposing Blockchain Solutions
    • Smart Contract Management System
    • Crowdsale Management
    • Book Building platform
    • Best team of developers for technology implementation
  • 2. ICO Advisory

    Implementing our digital currency exchange consulting and services to keep you ahead of the competition

    • Decentralized Applications
    • Transparent Processes
    • Immutable Data
    • Permission Based Distributed Ledger
    • Trading Platform
    • Stock Exchange Platform
    • Crypto Forex Platform
    • Cryptocurrency Buy/ Sell Platform
    • 24/7 Global support for all time zones
  • 3. PR & Marketing

    Understanding your requirement, crafting our strategies for today’s fast-paced consumers and providing you with tailor made solutions

    • Branding
    • Rich content by media experts
    • Interview publishing
    • Crypto expert interviews
    • World-class media
    • Event advertising
    • Google AdWords
    • Video advertising
    • Advertising on social media communities
  • 4. Legal Services

    Understanding of the law regarding the Blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and addressing the complex jurisdictional issues

    • Legal analysis and recommendations of your concept
    • Legal view on over all ICO
    • Revert legal services & continual support
    • Setup of all legal documents
    • Related Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy
    • Writing White Paper
    • Comply with Regulatory Standard
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Our Partners

It is an honour to be associated with such pioneering companies in our journey through the Blockchain revolution.

Meet Our Team

This outstanding team of talented developers, skilled management team and rockstar advisors craft beautiful ICOs for our awesome clients.
Ahmed Elmasry
Namanyay Goel
Full Stack Developer
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